Mobile App

With the proliferation of smart phones and tablets, the mobile app is increasingly
becoming an essential tool for parents, students, teachers and staff.

Our apps have been put through the rigorous UserComfort process,
which means that all design elements including icons, menus, colours
and layouts are geared towards maximum visual appeal, user
engagement and effectiveness. Designed for iOS and Android, our apps
facilitate communications between all stakeholders and are a single
window into critical information such as calendars, events,
notifications and emergency advisories.


Mobile App Features

Content feeds are synced
with the school’s website for
consistent flow of information

Provides communication
channel between app users
and school office

(urgent notifications)

Web-based app
administration portal

Allows information sharing by
user through their social group

News – list highlights with
navigation to detail page

School’s contact information with
a form to submit messages, share
the app and staff directory

Multiple calendars – based on
school’s own subdivisions with
weekly, monthly or yearly
switchable views

Online monthly reports showing
the number of downloads per app
store and other statistics